Whose lane are you in? (and the effect on your business)

Today I want to share a story with you (bear with me).

On Sunday I ran the computer for our contemporary service. There’s no printed “program” for this service, it’s all on slides at the front of the church. Everything was already prepared for me by the person who normally does this job, I just had to move to the next slide when appropriate (meaning, the next verse of a song or the next part of service).

I made a couple of mistakes because I was paying attention to the things I would normally pay attention to if I was attending church. Things like watching the singers and the band, really listening to the music, the cute antics of the young kids, etc.

When I would pay attention to the above-mentioned things, I’d miss a cue and be late moving to the next slide.

I was in a different role that Sunday – I wasn’t a participant in the way that I normally am, I was a part of the service, and it required a different type of attention.

When I stayed in the role of “running the computer” things moved smoothly. But when I slide into the role of church participant (for lack of a better word), then running the computer didn’t go as smoothly.

And it made me think about our businesses.

What’s your role in your business and what role are you actually doing?

Are you making decisions and plans for your business or are you waiting for someone to tell you what your next step is?

Are you watching everyone around you to see where they’re going or are you deciding for yourself where you want your business to go?

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #55

Have you ever noticed that when you “stay in your lane” things tend to go smoother?

So, whose lane are you in when it comes to your business?