When your brain won’t turn off the worry

Let’s talk some more about worry. It’s everyone’s favorite topic, right?

Last week I shared a three-step process to end worrying – by procrastinating!

This week let’s talk about the other side of it. You’ve gone through the steps and prepared all you can or there’s no planning you can do. It’s easy to say I’ll worry about it tomorrow, but it’s harder to put into practice.

Your brain won’t turn off the worry. So, now what?

Name it, recognize it and thank it.

Name it
Call it out. Take a deep breath (literally, take a deep breath) and acknowledge you’re worrying about it (whatever it is for you). Say it out loud.

Naming or identifying what it is you’re feeling can take some of the sting out. Name it briefly though, don’t spend a lot of time describing it.

Recognize it
Generally, we worry about things that are important to us. They can be important for a variety of reasons, an old rule we still abide by (I need to be liked by everyone) or a goal or commitment to ourselves (I want a new client because I need to pay my bills).  So, recognize why you’re worrying about it.

Thank it
Thank your brain or self for looking out for you and wanting to protect you. And let your brain (and all the other parts of you) know that it will be okay.

So, your statement might look something like this: I’m worried that I won’t receive another client because it’s important to me to have a business that pays my bills. Thank you brain for looking out for me, and I’ll be okay!

Breathe deeply before and after you say this. Take a moment to really get grounded and connected with yourself and you say this. Feel the gratitude and smile!

Repeat this as often as necessary! And if the same worry keeps coming up, this is an opportunity look at this with your coach.

What do you do address worrying? Share in the comments below.