Top 5 Posts

This week I’m sharing the 5 most read blog posts. Take a look:

  1. What Does Being Happy Mean?
    What’s the difference between “being HAPPY,” emphasis on happy and “BEING happy,” emphasis on being?

  2. The Risk and Pain of Change
    Three different quotes about the risk and pain of change, with slightly different meanings. What are your thoughts on it? (the comments here are very good)

  3. Who Are You Exercise
    When you to tell someone about yourself, what do you say?

  4. How To Choose Priorities When Everything Is Important
    Have you ever had this situation: You’re looking at the list of things you want to accomplish this week and it feels like everything really should be done today.

  5. Being Happy – The Conclusion
    This post is the end of a series that “What Does Being Happy Mean” is a part of.
    Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

And one of my favorites (and most commented on) is: Throwing a Pity Party. It walks you through how exactly to throw your own personal pity party. 😉