The trick to mazes (and business!)

the-trick-to-mazes-and-businessI was listening to something the other day that talked about failure being a path to success and I was reminded of being a teenager.

You see, when I was a teen a played a computer game called 7th Guest. It was a puzzle game wrapped loosely around a story.

One of the puzzles was a maze you walked your character through. And I spent so much time being lost in that maze! I felt so frustrated!

Then I learned the trick of mazes. If you keep the wall to your right at all times (or left, just pick one and stick with it) you’ll end up where you want to be.

Yes, you’ll go down a lot of dead ends and end up turning around. AND that will be faster than attempting to wander your way through the maze.

What a great way to look at your walk with your business! Yes, some things aren’t going to work. Don’t worry about it and try it anyway. It will get you that much closer to what will work.