LIFE – The Game Everyone Is Playing

Watch at least the first four minutes of this video by Dan Rezler:

Welcome to the Game of LIFE. The game every one is playing where the person with the most money wins.

Have you thought about the rules that you’re playing your life by? Are they the rules that you want to play and live by? Often, I find that I’m playing by rules that have been taught to me without thinking about it.

Someone tells me that they disagree with a decision I’ve made, well, perhaps I’d better rethink it, because they might know more about it than me. I make a mistake at work, well, I’d better be unhappy and frustrated about it all day to show that I understand that I’ve done something wrong and am punishing myself for it.

Those are just two examples of rules that I’ve lived by that I’ve realized I don’t have to. I get to choose the rules that I live by and it’s OK if everyone doesn’t agree with me. I also get to live with the consequences of those rules, whether they’re good or bad (if I decide that the speed limit is just a suggestion and get a ticket, then I get to pay a speeding ticket).

Consciously choosing the rules we want to live by can be scary, but it’s also very empowering.

I found this in the comments of this video:

My sister told me that to describe my strangeness to other people she says “It’s like everyone else is playing LIFE and she’s playing Monopoly, which is why she’s so confused that no one else is following her rules.”

And I told her “Why am I playing Monopoly? I want to play Clue. And why would you play LIFE? That’s a horrible game.”

I love this comment because she’s not only choosing the rules – she’s also choosing the game. And you get to do that too, it’s your life.