How to avoid the temptation of bright and shiny objects

The other weekend I was doing some filing (into my file cabinet instead of the pile of “to be filed” that had accumulated) and realized I was stuffing paper into already full folders in a drawer that was also pretty full.

So, I decided it was time to pull the older files out and move them to the big file cabinet in the basement.

As I went through the things that I wanted/needed to keep (old taxes and bills), I realized I also had some miscellaneous folders in there labeled things like “to read” and “programs.”

Basically, they were articles, freebies, and workbooks I had printed out for reference over 2 to 4 years ago. I filed them because “I might want them later.”

I laughed at that as I looked through and saw some articles and training on social media I had saved (how useful will that really be 2+ years later?).

Ultimately I decided to recycle everything in those folders.

As I was thinking about what tomorrow’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie was going to be, I thought of this experience and realized I was information hoarding things that had been shiny objects (aka convenient distractions).

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #60

Have you ever found yourself chasing bright and shiny objects instead of doing the work that actually needs to be done?

In the video I share:

  • 2 ways to stop the chase in its tracks
  • the evidence (piles of it) I found of my previous bright and shiny object chasing