Re-set your intention

reset buttonHave you ever prepared for something, planned it out and got everything done that you could in advance and then something goes wrong?

Did it throw you into a tizzy?

Maybe you felt like all the hard work you did was for nothing?

Well, I had an experience that could have easily gone like that this week.

And I followed my own advice (it’s also the advice of every coach that I’ve ever worked with or known).

What was the advice? Set an intention. And re-set that intention as often as necessary.

On Thursday I hosted a workshop. I had most everything set up, just a couple of things to do that morning. Well, early Thursday morning the room was reset (I forgot to leave a note to leave it as it was) and this threw me into a bit of a tizzy.

Thankfully my friend and fellow business owner Mary was helping me and was there even before I was (Mary jumped right in and had some of the room reset even before I got there).

People pitched in and we got the room set up (my husband joined us for this and some of the workshop participants chipped in too!).

Now, this was not the environment I envisioned and intended for the workshop! Walking into a room being put together, helping set chairs and there’s no coffee made or snacks out yet!

I was a bit frazzled. I was in GET IT DONE mode. And then I remembered my intention (which was not what I was feeling).

I went to a room I could be alone for a few minutes, centered myself and set my intention again.

I share this because how often do we have this experience in other parts of our lives?

You’re going to go to a networking group (or to do something else) and then the kids really don’t want to get out of bed or argue with you every step of the way to getting them to school.

Or the map app on your phone crashes.

Or traffic is bad.

Or you spill coffee down your shirt.

Or something else happens that makes you go AHHH! not today!

And you walk into that group feeling frustrated, upset or maybe just unsettled.

When your intention was to to be confident and approachable.

THIS is when it’s time to re-set your intention.

Whether it’s an extra 2 minutes in the car or a quick trip to the bathroom or even just sitting down by yourself for a moment – you can set your intention again, just by remembering it AND taking some time to feel it.

This takes practice, sometimes you’ll remember to re-set in the car on the way home from the event, sometimes you’ll remember halfway through and eventually you’ll consistently remember to do it before you walk in.

If you could go back, when is a time you would want to re-set your intention? How would you have done it? Share below.