Question of the Fortnight #7

How do you pick new networking groups or events to attend?Question of the Fortnight

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What is a fortnight? It’s 14 days or 2 weeks.

What is “Question of the Fortnight?” Every other week I’ll ask a question here on the blog. Through out the two weeks I’ll update the blog post with some of your answers. These will be from the comments below, from people I see networking and any other way I happen to receive your answer to the question.

One thought on “Question of the Fortnight #7

  1. There are three things that I look at

    1) Cost. Many groups have annual membership fees. I have a certain budget that I follow for group memberships and I limit the “big ticket” groups I attend to one or two per year.

    2) Membership. At the moment my clients seem to be mainly female solopreneurs. I attend groups where I am most likely to find my ideal partners.

    3) Location. As a virtual assistant I can work with people all over the country, but I use networking to build relationships with potential clients and power partners. I like to keep the majority of my networking within a 30 minute drive.

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