PUSH through or TAKE time?

Happy New Year! And all that jazz 🙂

There’s been a bit going on behind the scenes that have contributed to my silence in the last week or two.

Yes, part of it was the holiday season and spending time with family.

The other part is that my father-in-law, Phillip, passed away the weekend before Christmas. His funeral is this weekend.

There is no Wednesday LIVE with Evie this week and while I’ll be working, there might not be one next week (we’ll see how things go).

There are two thoughts about what to do with your business when things like this happen (whether expected or unexpected).

One is to PUSH through it. Show up in your business despite what’s going on behind the scenes. Because the world won’t wait for you! Don’t feel like it? Pressed for time? TOO BAD! You have a business, so GET TO WORK!

The other is to take the time you need (within reason) and take care of yourself. Yes, you might lose some momentum. Yes, there are things to be done that aren’t getting done in your business. But taking care of yourself and your loved ones is also important.

Here’s quick story relating to this.

Many years ago I went to an all-day business training hosted by a successful relationship coach. She was teaching how she built her successful coaching business and how you too could have a successful business.

I don’t remember the question that someone asked about halfway through the day, but I STILL remember her response.

She started ranting about how everyone has to do things in their business even when they don’t feel like it. She went on to share, still ranting and angry, that her serious boyfriend (she had thought he was going to propose soon) just broke up with her and SHE didn’t FEEL like doing this training, but she was HERE ANYWAY.

She was very upset and angry and basically yelled at the woman who asked the question.

And running through my head was “maybe you should have taken care of yourself and rescheduled” and “successful at what cost?”

It also made a couple other…interesting…things from the day make more sense.

If she would have taken the time SHE needed, despite the inconvenience to everyone else, I think everyone’s experience that day would have been better.

The problem with PUSHING through it is we don’t give ourselves times to process the things that are happening.

And if you don’t give yourself time and space to process, those feelings will find other ways to be expressed (like the story above).

So, while you might lose some momentum and you might not complete the things you planned to get done–it’s okay. YOU are more important and those things can be done later.

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