Priorities and Boundaries

A couple of months ago I did an informal survey of 15 women entrepreneurs on the topic of productivity and business in general.

Two of the questions I asked were:

  • When someone says “productivity,” what do you think about?
  • What does being “more” productive mean to you?

The answers weren’t all the same, but many were similar.

For “When someone says productivity, what do you think about?” the answers ranged from “getting things done” to various measurements of how much they got done (how many clients they worked with in a week or exceeding what’s needed for payroll).

For “What does being “more” productive mean to you?”  the answers ranged from “having to-do’s that tie back to my goals” to “more free time” to various ways of saying “getting more done in less time”.

There were no wrong answers and it was really interesting to hear the response.

One thing that was only specifically mentioned only once, but I think was just underneath almost every answer was having specific priorities.

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie I talk about priorities and boundaries and specifically why they’re both so important to productivity.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #57