Need Some Inspiration?

I’m a big fan of YouTube and WheezyWaiter is one of my favorite YouTubers. He offers his thoughts on inspiration in this video:

“If you want to create something and you’re not feeling inspired, take a closer look as to why that is or just ignore it and start doing stuff” – Craig Benzine

So, what do you think about inspiration? Is he right?

4 thoughts on “Need Some Inspiration?

  1. I think he’s got it pretty accurately. I know that I like to blame things outside of myself for my inability to create/produce. I remember when I started writing my book, i was afraid that the “inspiration” that I’d felt the first day wouldn’t “hit” me the second, third, fourth, etc.

    Then I decided to just sit down at the same time each day and actually write. It wasn’t perfect…at all. But I got it done. Interesting how inspiration seemed to follow me when I wasn’t chasing it.

  2. Great information. It’s a Just Do It sort of thing. I loved it when he said ‘the need for perfection or the fear of failure.’ – that is exactly what stops so many people. Right on! I think I will save this and rewatch it when I need ‘inspiration’ AKA a kick in the pants to get something done!

    Thank you for a great post,

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