Meaningful Breaks

Girl_taking_breakMeaningful breaks.

What does that mean?

And why are they important?

Meaningful breaks are when you get up from wherever you’re doing your work and you go and do something else. Something not related to work.

This does not mean you watch TV or check your email.

This is not the time to return that business call you’ve been meaning to get to.

This could be sitting down for a bit with a good book (outside, generally my preference, or somewhere inside and comfy).

It could be playing with your kids.

Going for a walk around the neighborhood.

Walking or playing with your pets.

Playing some of your favorite songs and dancing.

Heck, it could even be taking a really quick nap.

The point of the meaningful break is to give your brain a break from your work. Letting it focus on something completely different for a bit.

Give yourself a couple of 10 to 30 minute meaningful breaks each day. I bet you’ll be even more productive when you return to your work.

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One thought on “Meaningful Breaks

  1. I’ve worked as an election judge before (now I work as a Field Rep), and you would spend 15-16 hours sitting in the same room with the same people doing the same thing.

    If we had the right amount of judges from the right political parties, we’d all get like a 20-30 minute break during the day, I’d come home and toss a tennis ball at the dog.

    (And earlier today I went off and cleaned one of the bathrooms — it was a mental break — doesn’t take much thought really — but also some physical movement.

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