There are as many ways to get there as there are people wanting to go there

The article that traditional marketing says I should write right now includes sharing lots of what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t join  Take Your Productivity to a New Level  NOW (you can still join through Friday).

Truth be told, I could write that email fairly quickly and be done with it.

But I feel like writing a different email today.

And it’s harder to write, but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

I have 4 drafts of it that just aren’t right and go on and on and on about how Take Your Productivity to a New Level came to be.

Instead, let’s talk about why it almost didn’t happen.

I found a draft of it from 2012, but the first time I offered it was last summer.


What happened?

I followed the advice I’d been given — don’t offer that until you’re at this place in your business.

But I couldn’t figure out how to get to there, so I decided to focus on a different niche.

I couldn’t figure out how to get to there from that different niche either.

And here’s what I learned: there are as many ways to get there as there are people wanting to go there.

Once I threw out the “conventional” advice things started flowing.

What does this have to do with productivity?


There are lots of different ways to track your tasks, manage your projects, and stay focused. Google it and you’ll find lots of conflicting advice (get up early! No, stay up late!).

But it all comes down to what works for you.

What I teach won’t work for everyone.

But if you run your business from home, have more things to do than you can do in a day, and want to grow your business — then I can help you.

The Take Your Productivity to a New Level program started yesterday.

AND you can still join through Friday, May 11.

It’s a small intimate group where everyone’s questions are heard and answered.

Because it’s now a 7-week program, the investment will be going up to $247 next time I offer it, so if you want in at the lower price, now’s the time.

Head over here to join and read the details.

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