I gave them a challenge

Last week we talked about the important vs urgent part of “accomplishing a lot, but not making money” and this week we’re looking at another aspect of that.

Your ideal client.

What does your ideal client have to do with productivity?


This afternoon over at the Productivity for Women Entrepreneurs private Facebook group, I gave the members a challenge to tell me about their ideal client. I shared some questions to answer for themselves and then a format to share it in.

But WHY would I ask a group about productivity to think about their ideal client?

Because your ideal client has a significant say in the success of your business.

They touch everything.

  • How you communicate with them
  • The language you use
  • Where you hang out online (the social media places)
  • Where you network
  • The marketing you do
  • How you introduce yourself

So, if you aren’t super clear who your ideal client is, you could be spinning your wheels doing things that really don’t matter or just keep you busy (I know I’ve done it!).

What happens when you’re clear about your ideal client and complete the challenge that I shared with the Facebook group today?

  • When you’re thinking about changing a product/service or offering something new you can refer back to your ideal client and think about what would best serve them
  • When you’re writing an email or a social media post, you’re clear about who you’re talking to and what they want/need to hear
  • You know what needs to be in your elevator pitch to connect with your ideal client

If you want to participate in the challenge, head over here and request to join.

For this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie, we’ll be talking more about identifying your ideal client and how it’s helpful.

What questions do you have about identifying your ideal client or how to use your ideal client for your business?

Wednesday Live with Evie is Wednesday at 1pm CST from my Facebook page here.