How Much Is Enough?

Hundred dollar billsUsually when we talk about enough, we ask ourselves something along the lines of: How much is enough money or enough possessions?

And in business the question might be: How much is enough success?

It’s almost a trick question though.

We tell ourselves: I’ll have enough when I meet this goal or reach this level. And then you’re almost there and you change the goal, you up the ante just a little bit.

The result? You never quite meet your goal – and that’s the nasty trick we play on ourselves a lot.

No wonder you’re frustrated and stressed out! You do all the work to meet that goal and once it is in sight, you move the goal just out of reach.

We do this with our time too, have you noticed?

We never have enough time to get everything done! And at the end of the day you’re not thinking about what you accomplished, you’re thinking about those tasks you didn’t have enough time to finish.

We have this pattern of raising the bar a little higher, so we never actually reach it.

And what happens when you have enough? Is that when you finally get to be happy? When your business is officially a success? Maybe it’s when you finally get to have a little more me time?

So, what is enough? That’s for you to decide. However, I challenge you to look at it a little differently.

The problem with asking, “When will I have enough _________?” is the question assumes that you currently don’t have enough!

What if you do have enough? What if you changed your focus slightly? What if you allowed yourself to be happy, successful and have me time exactly where you are right now?

What if enough isn’t something that’s out there but appreciating what you currently have?

This doesn’t mean that you don’t set goals for yourself and your business. It means you celebrate where you are and the steps you took to get here. And you look to the future for your next steps.

How does that feel? What does celebrating where you currently are change for you right now?

What does having and being enough, exactly right now change for you? What does it change for your business?

I’d love if you shared your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “How Much Is Enough?

  1. I love this, Evie – I just had an experience last night of feeling the a moment of certainty that I AM enough – I already am all the things I’m aspiring to be. I will always have things I am aiming at, but it is hugely powerful to appreciate where we are and how far we’ve come, that we are enough right now. Thanks for posting!

    1. I completely agree Cassie – it is hugely powerful to appreciate where we are now.

      Congrats on your moment of certainty last night! That is huge too!

  2. I, too, have this same mindset on gauging my success. I believe that true success is in being happy with all that you have accomplished before today and in the present. Future goals are great in giving you a concrete path to follow, but making the choice of being happy during the process, ensures that you enjoy the journey along the way.

    It is so nice seeing that someone else recognizes this wisdom.


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