How do you describe you?

Mother’s day is this weekend and I remembered a video that I saw a few months ago that feels appropriate to share.

Did it surprise you to see most of the moms described themselves as needing improvement? More patience, less perfectionism, and struggling with temper where a few things mentioned.

How about how their kids described them? Beautiful, fun, and totally awesome were just a few of their descriptions.

I love the video, it makes me tear up. And it made me think about how often we do this in every aspect of our lives. You don’t give yourself enough credit.

Instead of noticing what a great job you’re doing in your business or with your clients, you’re focusing on what needs improvement, what could be better.

Yes, improvement is important, it’s good to know what that is. And you don’t need to do that at the expense of everything you’re doing right.

Today, take a couple of minutes and make a list of what you’re doing right. It doesn’t just have to be a business list. And if you’re having problems coming up with a list of more than 4 or 5 things call someone you love and ask them what you’re doing right. Feel free to tell them that it’s an assignment that your coach gave you.

Keep that list next to your computer or in your wallet. Put it somewhere that you see it often and can easily refer to.

And celebrate! You’re wonderful, sometimes you just need to be reminded.