Group Coaching vs Mastermind Groups

Group Coaching vs Mastermind GroupsIt’s an innocent case of unintentional jargon speak that I didn’t realize I was doing until last week when someone new to coaching asked what the difference was in a private coaching Facebook group I participate in.

What’s the coaching jargon I’m assuming you understand?

You know, because you’ve read the title, the difference between group coaching and mastermind groups.

I forgot that there was a time when I didn’t know what either of those was, or that there was a difference.

And to further complicate things, some people running group coaching and mastermind groups use the terms inaccurately or interchangeably.

First, let’s look at how group coaching groups and mastermind groups are alike.

Both bring groups of like-minded people getting together for help and support.

The main difference is how that help and support is achieved.

In Group Coaching the leader of the group, generally a coach, and is the one offering the help and support. So, you ask a question or share a situation and you’re coached through it by the coach. In some cases, it might be set up as a combination of coaching and question/answer session (again, with the coach answering the questions).

And there might be a topic for each meeting that is briefly taught by the coach and then it’s opened to the group to ask questions for help and support around that topic.

Also, the size of a group coaching group can be anywhere from 3 to 300 people. It depends on how the coach sets up the group.

In Mastermind Groups the members of the group are offering each other help and support. So, you ask a question or share a situation and the other members of the group offer thoughts, opinions, help, support, and guidance.

There’s a facilitator who manages the meetings and also offers their own thoughts, opinions, help, support, and guidance in addition to the other group members. In more formal groups the facilitator does not bring their own questions/situations to the group.

Generally, mastermind groups are 3-9 people and the meetings are set up in one of two ways.

One way is 1-2 members each meeting have the opportunity to bring a question/situation to the group. By the end of the group’s time together (whether 3 months, a year, or anywhere in between) everyone will have the same number of opportunities in front of the group.

The other way is that each person shares a question/situation each meeting.

Neither way is better, it just depends on what you prefer.

If you’re thinking of joining a group coaching group or mastermind group, don’t be afraid to ask questions so you’re clear what kind of group you’re joining.

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