Great ideas need…

Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.

– CD Jackson

Ideas are so fun!

Sometimes making them real is less fun.

Landing gear is that frustrating bit where you figure out, decide, and commit to what needs to happen to let your great idea fly (or not crash land in a ball of fire).

When you get those steps laid out (create the landing gear), it feels like most of the work is done!

All that’s left is following the steps (or landing your plan).

One thought on “Great ideas need…

  1. Great ideas need a place to hatch.
    For all the great ideas in the world, only a small percentage ever get made into reality. Why?
    Because there are no ideas without action.
    Because someone has to execute the idea for it to come to life.
    Because the only way to make a huge impact in this world is by taking a risk.

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