What do driving directions have to do with your business?

Work with someone who understands where you are and can tailor their suggestions to you.

Last week while on retreat with my coach and colleagues, I was thinking about how nice it was to be in that environment.

The coaches have all been where I am and my colleagues have either been where I am or I’ve been where they are.

It made me think of how easy it is to ask someone for basic instructions (those easy steps I was looking for, mentioned here) and then think you can go and implement by yourself.

And I thought about asking for driving directions (my mind works in interesting ways).

You can ask a local for directions downtown – and they can give you directions to get downtown.

Or you can share where downtown you’re going and when you want to get there and the local can tell you what streets to avoid, how to get there, and advise you to park two blocks away at this specific lot because there won’t be street parking at that time of day.

Could you have figured it out on your own? Probably, but it’d take a lot longer to get there and be a lot more frustrating.

Working with a coach, or anyone, is similar.

Have pain in your knee? You can ask a doctor for stronger pain pills, or you can tell him what’s going on.

And he might realize that the problem isn’t your knee at all, it’s your back.

Working with a coach to get your business where you want it to be works the same way.

Yes, you can read online how successful other people have been using this method or that, but they don’t know where you are. So how are they going to know that you’re in Albuquerque and need to go left?

It’s so important to work with someone who understands where you are and can tailor their suggestions to you.

Who are you working with to achieve your goals? Share below!