Doing It For Others Or For Yourself?

I started writing this post about how frustrating it can be to do things for others and not be appreciated for it – when the reality is you’re doing it for yourself and justifying the time spent by saying it’s for someone else (when I do this it’s because I’m listening to the voice in my head that tells me it’s OK to spend time doing things for other people, but not for myself).

I remembered hearing a conversation about it, but couldn’t place where the conversation took place. Then I remembered! It wasn’t a conversation at all but two blog posts by the wonderful Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project. So, instead of re-hashing her posts, I’m sending you over there (to the source!) to read them. It includes some other great pieces of information too! It’s all in her posts: Why I Try Not To Do Things For Others, But Instead, Do Them For Myself and 5 Mistakes I Continue To Make in My Marriage.

Let me know what things you do for others that are really for yourself in the comments!