background of marbles with text of "You don't want to lose all your marbles before the day even starts"

You don’t want to lose all your marbles before the day even starts

Your energy has a massive effect on your productivity.

If you have low energy, it’s challenging to get much done. 

It’s important to be aware of how much energy is in your “bucket.”

The premise is you have a bucket full of marbles. The marbles represent how much energy you have for the day, and you don’t want to lose all your marbles before the day even starts.

You want to use those marbles on your essential tasks. But there are little things that can make us lose a marble or two.

These little things might be

  • the paint chip that’s missing on the wall in the bathroom, 
  • the door that sticks or doesn’t latch, 
  • the online order you want to return and walk by every day, 
  • the sidewalk that needs to be power-washed, 
  • the messy office you walk into every morning, 
  • and any other small thing that you’re tolerating.

Those small things add up quickly, and suddenly you’ve lost a bunch of marbles before you’ve even sat down to start work.

One way to notice what you’re tolerating is the things that you do a small internal sigh about. It’s easy to miss. Sometimes it’s fleeting thought of, “I should take care of this later” or “I should ask my partner to do this later.” 

This week, make a list of what you’re tolerating. Then, commit to removing one of those things from your list in a week.

Then you won’t lose all your marbles before the day is out!

Let me know what how this goes for you!

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