My head keeps telling me to do more things

What are your gut feelings about what you should be focusing on or doing this week, month or quarter?

Have you taken any time for yourself (real time for yourself) to notice?

I’ve noticed a desire to slow down right now.


Saturday was the funeral for my father-in-law and it was a beautiful time of remembrance of his life.

People keep asking how I am and I respond with “good” and “fine”.

I respond this way not because I want them to feel better, but because I really am good and fine.

I’ve noticed part of me thinking that because I am “good” and “fine” I should jump right into “normal” life.

My head keeps telling me to do more things, update my plan for the first quarter with ideas I’ve had in the last 10 days, and put solid dates and plans into the calendar for 2019.

And yet, I’ve felt the desire to slow down.

The desire to slow down comes from a deeper place.

From this deeper place, I’m being asked to put a hold on the PLANS I want to create now because they’ll change in a week or two.

From this deeper place, I’m being asked to recognize that even though I really do feel good and fine, I need some time before I jump back in 100%.

From this deeper place, I trust that taking this time now will serve me better than PUSHING through and DOING-ALL-THE-THINGS.

There won’t be a Wednesday LIVE with Evie this week and it may not return until February.

However, I’ll still be showing up here each week with a note like this one.

And while today’s note isn’t an overt productivity tip, it is a productivity reminder to listen to your intuition and notice what you need.

YOU are the driving force of your business and taking the time to notice and honor what you need is important.

What guidance does your intuition (or gut or whatever your name for it is) have to share with you about the upcoming weeks?

If you would like to share I’d love to see your responses in the comments below!

How Are You text

How Are You Really?

How Are You textHow are you?

Do you ever struggle with how to answer that question? Many times I answer with “I’m fine” or good or even great, without even thinking about it. Question A gets answer 1, no thinking required.

Or maybe you want to share, but don’t feel it is appropriate for the circumstance or situation.

I bring this up, because many times productivity or work gets compartmentalized. Whatever is going on in your personal life, whatever you’re feeling should be put aside while you work. That other stuff shouldn’t affect your work.

But it does.

If your answer to “How are you?” is “not fine” that’s OK! It’s normal to not always be fine, good or great!

We hear that question “how are you” so many times – that when you ask it to yourself you end up with your default answer.

So, here are a couple of alternatives:

  1. <Name> how are you doing? (with an implied tone of really wanting to know)
    I know someone who asks this question while looking directly into your eyes – she’s paying 100% attention to you and truly wants to know. I remember it being almost jarring when I realized she was really interested.
  2. How is it with your soul?
    I was reminded of this question the other day. It’s definitely a more personal question and not one to ask others (or yourself) in passing. It really gets at the core and can require some thought or searching before answering.

So, I challenge you to ask yourself one of these questions and really take some time with your answer. Then set aside some time to address whatever you need to in that regard.

Despite our inclination to compartmentalize – how you’re really doing affects everything.

So,  how are you, really? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Ideas and the Bathroom?

I was recently watching a YouTube video and at the end the girl talked a bit about her creative process.  She said she gets most of her ideas in the shower or while going to the bathroom.  Initially I laughed, and then I started thinking about it.  What do these two things have in common that result in her ideas? She’s in a place that is quiet and without distractions.

I don’t like to be bored. I like to have things to do, activities to keep my mind occupied at most all times. I’m not exactly sure when or why this started, but I have a couple of ideas.

One is our culture.  We’re expected to be busy (if not productive) as much as we can so as much as possible will get done in each day. If I’m not busy, I don’t feel productive.

The second one is much more personal: I don’t always want to be alone with my thoughts for too long. What if my insecurities or fears come to visit and I don’t have something I can distract them with?

The problem is that the source my insecurities and fears don’t go away simply because I’m ignoring them. It’s just pushing them down. The only way for me to move beyond them is to know what they are and work through them. Quiet time is good for that.

The interesting thing is, when I do have quiet time the insecurities and fears don’t pop up nearly as much as I think they will.  Instead, I have an experience more like the YouTuber where I get good ideas and inspiration for whatever I’m working on.

Take 10 minutes today to do nothing. Go sit on the couch and be bored (no TV!). Make a practice of it. Try it for a week and you’ll be surprised with the benefits.

Do you avoid quiet time or being bored?

Photo credit: Bathroom of Hotel De Tuilerieën by johncooke via flickr