Being flexible with your expectations

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #30

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Part 2
(because Facebook wanted to see how flexible I could be with my expectations)

Have you ever been really tied to a certain way of doing something in your business?

Or maybe there was something that you were sooo sure was going to go a certain way and then it didn’t (and it frustrated you to no end)?

I know that I’ve been extremely tied to how I think I should be doing things or how I’ll reach a certain goal, or even what reaching that goal will look like.

And when things don’t quite work the way I’m expected, I get frustrated and sometimes try to power through!

But sometimes, (well, maybe a lot of times) it’s proved more helpful if I take a step back and look at my options. On occasion, there’s been a much easier path, if I just adjust slightly to see it (warning, this can be really hard to do by yourself 🙂 ).

So, this week we talked about being flexible with your expectations.

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