April Book Reviews (Abundance Now and Pilot to Profit)

"Abundance Now" and "Pilot to Profit" book covers

Since my March book review, I’ve read two books. You can see them above. And the reviews are below.

I’d love to know 2 things in the comments:

  1. Have you read these books? What’s your review?
  2. What should I read next month? If it’s already on my to-read list, it’s probably a shoe in. You can see that here.

Abundance NOW by Lisa Nichols
This book is fabulous for someone starting to learn about abundance mentality. And it might help to be an extrovert (the number of mentors/friends/other categories left my introvert head spinning 🙂 ).

That said, there’s a lot of great information here. AND if you think you’ve already got a section down, well, it’s probably a good idea to read that part extra close (there’s always a new layer to learn).

This book is full of gems. Pick one or two pieces that work for you and apply them. If you’re like me, trying to focus on too many things at once will just leave your head spinning.

Pilot to Profit by Lisa Larter
This is a very easy straight forward read and laid out nicely. It’s written very conversationally – I can easily picture Lisa hosting a webinar going over the various points.

It will shed a light on various aspects of your business to improve or tweak. It is not a these-are-the-10-steps-to-get-this-done book.

The book is broken into four sections: Profit Principles, Content Principles, Social Principles and Selling Principles. I’ll review each section.

This is a great starting place or review for every business owner. Two of the main focuses are mindset/confidence and success or progress measurements.

These are two things that can easily be swept aside in the day to day business of “getting things done” and are very important to take the time and effort to do.

I’d recommend this book just for this section!

First, if you’re a new solopreneur, you do NOT need a website (or you don’t need to spend a lot of time/money on one). It’s more important for you to meet new people and share what you do (and become comfortable with that process).

That said, if you do have a website and have been in business for a bit, read this section. It will give you some things to review.

After you’ve been successfully networking for more than 6 months, read this section (after you have the basics of networking down). I say this because generally, it’s much easier to create connections with people you’ve met face-to-face then those you’ve met through the internet.

Again, this section will give you ideas of what you need to work on.

This is NOT a section on how to network or have conversations with people you JUST met networking. This IS a section on what a conversation with someone who is exploring working with you, someone who wants more information.