2011 Word of the Year

In my last post I wrote about my 2010 word of the year.  In this post I’m going to share how and why I picked my 2011 word.

I started my 2011 word of the year search by looking at a list of possibilities and picking out the ones that grabbed my attention.  Those words were: growth, presence, attention, focus, present and engaged.  After thinking about the list for a bit I narrowed it down to three: presence, present and engaged.

I thought about how the words are similar for me.  They all demand that I am fully involved in whatever activity I’m doing.  This is something really want to work on this year.  After my first month working from home I realized how much time I spend jumping from one task to another without really focusing.  I also tend to multi-task, which doesn’t always work out for me, neither item gets what it really needs: my full attention.

The word I selected is “engaged”.  It speaks to me the most.

This word will challenge me a bit this year.  You see, I have a tendency to withdraw into myself when I’m in a new or uncomfortable setting.  I like to get a lay of the land before I participate and that can take a while.  This word challenges me to be involved in any setting I’m in.

This also means I need to stop multi-tasking and jumping from one task to another.  It challenges me to focus on whatever I’m currently doing.

Being “engaged” also means letting go of or saying no to activities I don’t find myself fully engaged in.  This allows me to say no, or not now, to at least one thing I’m currently involved in.  It also gives me a new lens to look at other possible activities through.  If I don’t think it’s something I will be fully engaged in, then I won’t participate.  This doesn’t mean that I get to say no to all activities outside my comfort zone!  Instead, I’ll look for activities that I am excited about (regardless of my comfort zone).

I like setting myself up for success whenever possible, so I came up with some strategies.  They are:

  • Set an intention for each meeting/event/outing I attend
  • Only attend meetings/events/outings that I have a high potential to feel fully engaged in.
  • Set an intention for each day
  • Meditate daily
  • Set goals for each week
  • Set goals at the beginning of each day (or the end of the previous one)

I’m excited to see how “engaged” will focus and challenge me this year.

Have you selected a word of the year?  If so, let me know about it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “2011 Word of the Year

  1. I am so pleased to have found my way to you and this site. I am creating my 10 New Year’s Resolutions and found you while researching my number 8. Thank you for being here.
    My key word for 2011 is COMPASSION. It’s interesting that since I chose that word, everything I think and do comes back to it. I am starting my journey on a new path and although very nervous, I am also very excited! I have chosen to take responsibility for my life and no longer be a victim. Today I found a quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer…”How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”. …so…what goes around, comes around…I choose to be, live, exude and surround myself with “compassion”.

    1. Welcome Cynthia! Compassion is a great word! Let me know how it helps and challenges you this year!

  2. I too am happy to have found you. My word for 2011 is RELATIONSHIPS although it seems like the world is trying to pull me away from that intention. I love your strategies for success and will be using the concepts to assist me in my word of the year. Each day I will set an intention on which relationship I will focus on and each meeting/event/outing I will set a relationship intention. It might be something like to meet a new person and listen to who they are rather than spend the time talking about me and thinking of what I should say next.
    Thanks again for your post.

    1. Welcome Cathy! It always seems that when ever a bold intention is set the universe throws things at us to see if we really mean it, doesn’t it? Let me know how RELATIONSHIPS helps and challenges you this year!

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