Announcement incoming

Changes have been happening behind the scenes here at One Insight Closer and it’s time to share what’s going on! (I’m very excited).

Why there are changes:

In 2010 I worked as a computer programmer and had the insight that if I never coded again, I wouldn’t miss it. This hasn’t changed.

I have missed working with clients to take their vision and goals and putting the plans and technology behind them to make them happen.

I’ve scratched that itch in my work with entrepreneurs around productivity and planning as their coach.

Earlier this year, I realized I wanted to be more IN my clients’ businesses, even if temporarily. I want to:

  • help them map their vision and goals into doable projects and steps
  • help them use the technology, like email automation software (ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, etc.) or CRMs, they already have or identify what they need to make achieving that vision easier

So, my business is shifting.

The short version:

I’m moving from a coaching business to an Online/Digital Business Manager role. This means I’ll work with business owners to plan and manage their projects and set up behind-the-scenes systems and technology through short-term project and retainer work.

New things:

To launch this, I’m offering a short-term program designed for you to leave feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to focus on next behind. It’s called “More Growth, Less Work: Creating Your Customized Roadmap for Success.”

There, we build out your next three months with a plan that puts you on a path to success. And as a bonus, I include up to three hours of my time after our 90-minute session to help you implement your plan.

If you know someone who spends too much time figuring out things that bore them to tears or feel that they’re not spending enough time doing the things they LOVE in their business, please share this with them (or check it out if that’s you!).

You can find all the details here.

I’m so excited about this shift in my business!

Reach out if you want to chat about this.