Facebook in under 30 minutes a day

This week during the Q&A time of Monday’s call for the Unnamed Productivity Club, one of the members asked how she could keep up with Facebook without it becoming a huge time suck.

Some of my advice was to know exactly what you want to accomplish with your social media time and write out each piece of it (whether it’s wishing friends happy birthday, checking in on a specific Facebook group, or staying up to date with friends, colleagues or potential clients).

The way I do this is by creating bookmarks in my browser. Then I open all the shortcuts and work my way through the tabs.

As I was sharing this with her I realized that I’ve answered that question before and usually they want to hear a bit more about how that works.

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie I share exactly what I do to stay on top of Facebook in under 30 minutes a day.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #72

The first step in deciding your weekly priorities

Someone recently asked me how to do that when you have A LOT of things that need to happen.

And I get it – when you have A LOT of things that need to get done it can feel really overwhelming and downright impossible to pick 1-3 priorities for the week. Because EVERYTHING HAS TO GET DONE NOW.

Well, the quick answer is to grab the workbook How to Choose Priorities When EVERYTHING is Important from above.

For the more nuanced answer, watch the video.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #71

What if you enjoyed the view and didn’t compare yourself to others?

I was driving through a neighborhood I drive through a few times a month and was thinking what I normally think as I’m driving through homes:

  • what would it be like to live here?
  • how long would it take to visit family from here?
  • where would I grocery shop?
  • what would Nate’s commute be?

Then I had an aha moment that changed the whole experience “Why isn’t my thought ever ‘I enjoy driving through this neighborhood’?”

Well, that would just change everything.

In the video below I discuss this and how it would affect our businesses too.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #70

The Importance of Fun and Curiosity to Productivity

A comment made at a networking event I attended last week reminded me of an idea I originally heard from a podcast where Elizabeth Gilbert was the guest.

Instead of pressuring yourself to find your ONE big passion in life, she shared that following your curiosity is important. Notice what you’re curious about and explore it.

The comment lead me to think about how following my curiosity, or not, has affected my life and my business.

You see, in previous years I’ve pushed aside things I’ve been interested in or curious about that didn’t directly tie into my goals or bottom line.

I made a conscious decision to not pursue them until “later.”

Earlier this year I started saying yes to some of these “later” things for no particular reason than I wanted to.

And I’m realizing as I type this, that some of the things on that list have been there, unmoving, for two or more years.

The interesting thing is, that through exploring and experiencing some of those “later” items, I’m having more fun in my personal life and my business.

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie let’s talk about the importance of fun and curiosity in your business and I share a bit more about how it’s affected my life and business.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #68

Spring cleaning your business

We’re officially in Spring and have been for about a month now.

Earlier this spring, for me it meant an intense desire to reorganize my office and move some clutter out.

I ultimately decided that I didn’t need to buy a bunch of new things to reorganize my office (for right now).

But today it got me thinking about the changes that happen in spring.

Yes, things start blooming (the tree outside my office is no longer bare and I can no longer see the back of the yard through it).

But if you have school-aged kids, they’re probably counting down the days until school is over.

And you might have gotten an itch to clean or declutter like I did.

I share few different ways to approach “spring cleaning” below.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #67