The habits of capturing tasks and ideas

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #33

Have you ever forgotten to do quick tasks that you were absolutely sure you’d remember to do?

Or maybe you heard something that you wanted to remember later, but later you have no idea what it was?

I shared about the habits that are involved in with capturing tasks and ideas, how the habit might break down (and what to do about it). 

Making your work space work for you

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #32

Whether you work from a home office, go to an office, or work from your dining room table, there are probably things that aren’t working with your current work space.

We talk about that.

And I share some questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out how to better use the space you have (and not get distracted).

Being flexible with your expectations

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #30

Part 1

Part 2
(because Facebook wanted to see how flexible I could be with my expectations)

Have you ever been really tied to a certain way of doing something in your business?

Or maybe there was something that you were sooo sure was going to go a certain way and then it didn’t (and it frustrated you to no end)?

I know that I’ve been extremely tied to how I think I should be doing things or how I’ll reach a certain goal, or even what reaching that goal will look like.

And when things don’t quite work the way I’m expected, I get frustrated and sometimes try to power through!

But sometimes, (well, maybe a lot of times) it’s proved more helpful if I take a step back and look at my options. On occasion, there’s been a much easier path, if I just adjust slightly to see it (warning, this can be really hard to do by yourself 🙂 ).

So, this week we talked about being flexible with your expectations.

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What’s your focus? What’s wrong, what’s wright, or what’s not working?

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #29

When something unexpected happens in your business or life, what do you tend to notice?

Several years ago I read an article that said that the problem with today’s business culture is that we focus on what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right (ironic isn’t it!).

I was still working as an Implementation Specialist at the time (being project manager, help desk, and computer programmer). And I remember thinking how my clients would be pretty dang upset if I decided to focus only on what was working – especially because a large part of my job was about focusing on what WASN’T working.

So, we talked about the difference between focusing on what’s wrong, what’s right, and what’s not working.