Thoughts on trust and intention

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #36

Have you ever been told when making a decision to make it and to just “trust that everything is going to work out”? Or setting a goal or an intention and heard “set your intention, but don’t be attached to them”?

They have a ring of truth to them, but I’ve always felt that something was missing, an insight or a detail that would make them click for me.

I heard something over the weekend that provided that click.

We talked about that and how it changed how I understand those two phrases.

Managing email

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #35

Does your email feel like a black hole of time and energy?

Mine did.

About once a month I would turn on the TV to a series or movie that I’d seen many times before and spend a couple hours on my laptop going through it. And I’d be frustrated by the things that I should have already responded to or interesting things I’d missed because I didn’t decide on it (or see it) when it arrived in my inbox.

This changed for me about three weeks ago. And I currently have under 20 emails in my inbox and a majority of them are from today or the long weekend.

We talk about managing your email for this Wednesday LIVE with Evie.

I share what I changed that allowed me to go from normally having over 100 emails to under 20.

4 steps to getting the right things done

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #34

Productivity isn’t just about getting things done, it’s about getting the right things done in a timely manner.

But how do you do that?

0:00 – Intro to Wednesday LIVE with Evie
2:30 – Intro to topic, where I was last week
5:15 – Productivity defined (how I used to define it, my reframe)
8:15 – 4 steps to getting the right things done
8:45 – 1. Know your goals and intentions
12:00 – 2. Know your habits and routines (know how you work)
14:45 – 3. Celebrate and take care of yourself
18:10 – 4. Review often
20:15 – Review
21:10 – Want help planning the next 3 months?
22:15 – Wrap up

The habits of capturing tasks and ideas

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #33

Have you ever forgotten to do quick tasks that you were absolutely sure you’d remember to do?

Or maybe you heard something that you wanted to remember later, but later you have no idea what it was?

I shared about the habits that are involved in with capturing tasks and ideas, how the habit might break down (and what to do about it). 

Making your work space work for you

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #32

Whether you work from a home office, go to an office, or work from your dining room table, there are probably things that aren’t working with your current work space.

We talk about that.

And I share some questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out how to better use the space you have (and not get distracted).