One thing to do before you set your goals

Let’s talk about one thing to do before you set your goals.

No, this isn’t about reviewing the past year.

It’s about becoming clear about the things you currently have going on in your business.

It the all-important brain dump.

Normally, once the brain dump is done, I hear one of two things:

  1. It’s so overwhelming to see it all written out like this!
  2. It’s so empowering to have all of that out of my head and to see what actually needs to be done!

So, I’ll cover how to move from the first response to the second one.

And it won’t take very long to cover this!

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #47

In the LIVE:

  • Why it’s important to do the braindump before you set your goals
  • How to do a successful brain dump (some areas to think about)
  • The difference between it being overwhelming and empowering

How far you’ve come (vs How far you have to go)

Welcome to December!

What is December made up of for you?

Is it a fun time of family, food, and joy?

Is it a time to slow down, review, and take a break?

Or, as I hear from so many people, is it a super busy time of business and family?

I hear many people talk about how they’re trying to get their business wrapped up for the year, their free time is consumed with holiday decorating and gift buying and trips away to see family (which is fun and sometimes stressful).

(And check out this video on self-care – it includes things that you might not think about like drinking water and grabbing some alone time if you’re an introvert networking and things that you might think about like massages)

And I know in the past, this is the time of the year where I might avoid goal setting because it means I’ll look at what didn’t go well, where I failed, and I’ll think about just how far I’ve yet to go.

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie we talk about How far you’ve come (vs How far you have to go). 

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #46

What are you grateful for? (a bit of gratitude and dreaming)

We’re almost halfway through the week after Thanksgiving!

Are you back in your regular grove?

It’s almost December and one of the things I like to do is think about what I’m thankful for.

Thanksgiving ushers in the topic for me.

I also like to think about what I want more and less of in the new year.

And I review my wishlist and remove anything that’s no longer relevant and add things that I’ve been thinking about.

For me, December is a time to step back, BE, and notice what comes up.

And even though it’s not December yet, I’m thinking about these things now that Thanksgiving is over (it was very early this year).

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie (at 1pm CST) we talk about:

  • What you’re thankful for
  • What you want more of
  • What you want less of
  • Creating (or editing) your business wish list

Basically it’s a bit of gratitude and dreaming.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #45

What to do to be more productive

Thursday is Thanksgiving!

But you already knew that 🙂

This week I thought about talking about self-care (and I probably will in December), but instead I’ve been thinking about how to be more productive and get more things done.

Especially since this is a short week and I plan to take the week of Christmas off (and there’s a lot I want to do between now and January).

I thought perhaps you’re feeling a bit of the same.

So, I talked about that for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #44

Weekly and daily planning

Are you thinking about Thanksgiving already?

I am because we’ve been coordinating with our families for what days we’ll be where. Checking and rechecking people’s schedules to make sure that we have the days right and can maximize our family time.

It’s all sorted now and we know our plans for Thursday and Friday.

I’ve also been thinking about the different ways people plan their days and weeks.

In my experience, both personal and from working with my clients, I’ve noticed there are some universal things that work (and generally don’t work).

I talk about that below.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #43