Who Are You Exercise

Question mark in blue circleWhen you to tell someone about yourself, what do you say?

Take a minute and make a list. What do you want someone who just met you to know about you?

Do you have your list?


Now, cross off your work. Sure, you spend a lot of time there, but you are not your work – if you left your job tomorrow you would still be the same person, but in a different set of circumstances.

Now, cross of anything on your list that you own. You are not your house/apartment/condo, car or any other possession. You may really enjoy those things, but if they were gone tomorrow, you’d still be the same person you are today.

Ok, so what’s left on your list?

Some people have nothing left on the list (that was me!). Others have their family roles, their hobbies or brief, vague descriptions of themselves.

Add to your list: Who are you outside of work and your possessions? What do you enjoy doing (at work or home)? What are your hobbies?

Also, how would your family or friends describe you?

Write all that down.

Was this exercise difficult for you? It was for me! I often identify myself with my job or, when I was unemployed, my lack of a job. Often we don’t take the time to think about who we are beneath the surface, but it’s extremely useful to have this information.

Review your list for items that you haven’t done this week. Are you still someone that enjoys doing that? If so, why haven’t you spent time doing it? Too busy? I wrote down avid reader, but I realized I don’t read enough to fit my definition of “avid.” So, I have a choice – decide I’m not an avid reader any more or decide to read more (I’m choosing to read more). Do you have any items like that on your list?

Sometimes we all get busy (full of distracting detail), running around trying to get things done. That’s perfectly normal. However, it’s important to review every once in a while and make room for the things we want to define our lives.

What’s one item on your list that you haven’t done or experienced for a week or two (or more)? Can you make time for it in the next few days? Tell me in the comments!