What would you do?

QuestionHere’s the situation.

You’re new to the area and interested in networking with other business owners.

At an event you meet a new friendly face and she invites you to a group that she leads. It sounds like it’s a good fit.

A couple of weeks later you’ve found the event online and decide to attend.

As you drive there you’re nervous and picturing the group in your mind. You’ll see the person who invited you and a handful of other people enjoying breakfast and connecting with each other.

You’re also thinking about the things that aren’t getting done while you’re out networking.

Relax you tell yourself. Meeting new people is an important part of growing your business. And there’s probably at least one great connection at this group.

You walk in a couple minutes late and talk to the hostess. She isn’t sure there’s a group meeting, but points you in the direction of the room they’d be in if they are.

You walk through the door and initially see no one, and then you turn and see two other women – neither of them them the person that invited you. Hmm, not what you’re expecting.

You put on your warmest smile and walk in as the other women rise to great you.

As you talk, it quickly becomes apparent that the three of you will be the entire group, no one else is coming. And, while the other two ladies are nice, they’re neither potential referral partners or clients.

And you’re thinking about how much better your time could be spent whittling down your to-do list.

This isn’t a group for you and you decide to leave. You apologize to the others and walk out feeling a bit nervous but also relieved.

Question 1: Would you do anything differently?
Question 2: How do you think this was perceived by the two ladies remaining?
Question 3: Were there any missed opportunities here?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Next week we’ll dive a bit deeper.​

3 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. I would have stayed for at least 45 min. The other women were probably as frustrated as you that there weren’t more people there. In fact, that happened in one of my groups this week. When you meet new people, you are always looking for commonality. A deeper dive into conversation might have revealed more helpful information than first thought.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jayne!

      This is a slightly embellished version of something that did happen recently. However, I was one of the two women remaining in the room 🙂

      I probably would have stayed too, had the situation been reversed. As it was we finished up early and left AND had a good conversation and got to know each other better.

  2. If there is one person that needs to talk, I will listen. If there is one person that needs to listen, I will talk.

    1. I would stay. And see if there are any of the two are needing to talk or listen.
    2. They are thinking, “OK, this person thinks she is better than us.” If they ever bump into her again, it will be nearly impossible to connect unless she tells them why she left. Some people leave innocently and are ignorant of their mistakes.
    3. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the alignment of people at the current circumstances of their lives.

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