The Value of Vacation

Alaskan SunsetRemember that poll I wrote about a few weeks ago? One of the questions was about having a balance of personal and business time. At that time, I didn’t share the answer of one woman who felt that she doesn’t have balance right now, because she puts in long hours at work.

Despite her long hours, or perhaps because of it, she knew how important it was to take days off and vacation. She said that when she starts to feel burned out, she takes a day off.

When was the last time you did that? Has it been a while?

I’ve noticed that for myself and my clients, sometimes needing a day off shows up as procrastination. You’re tired and your brain might be a bit fried so [insert your task here] just doesn’t get done. Instead you might find yourself checking email and Facebook a lot (or whatever your distractions look like).

The other thing she said was that she and her husband take a vacation once every three months. I didn’t ask her how long the vacations were or where they go, but I’m guessing her vacation is at least 2-3 days away, if not more.

When was the last time you went on vacation? When did you last leave your business for more than a day, or weekend? Has it been a while?

Leaving your business for any period of time can be stressful for entrepreneurs. What will happen when we’re gone?!

You know what will happen while you’re away from your business if you allow it? You’ll relax and you might even enjoy yourself. And when you go back to work you’ll have more energy and ideas than before you left.

So, when is your next day off or vacation?