Marbles on a blue surface with the text "How to find more marbles for your bucket quickly"

How to find more marbles for your bucket quickly

Like we talked about last week, your energy has a massive effect on your productivity.

If you have low energy, it’s challenging to get much done. 

It’s important to be aware of how much energy is in your “bucket.”

The premise is you have a bucket full of marbles. The marbles represent how much energy you have for the day.

You want to save those marbles for your essential tasks.

Last week I shared how to prevent losing marbles before your day even begins.

This week, let’s talk about how to find more marbles for your bucket quickly.

Just like there are little things that can cause you to lose a marble or two, there are also things you can do to put more marbles in your bucket.

These things might be

  • getting enough sleep at night,
  • working off of a to-do list,
  • exercise or movement,
  • eating at regular intervals,
  • taking regular breaks,
  • daily meditation (meditation doesn’t have to take a long time),
  • or other things that give you a bit more energy than what you started with.

These small things can replenish your energy, thereby adding precious marbles to your bucket.

What things replenish your energy bucket? Comment below and let me know!

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