Progress Vs. Significant Progress

Lego man spinning platesLet’s talk about your progress. What kind of progress are you making in your business?

Progress or significant progress?

I’m guessing you’d like to be making significant progress, right?

Over the weekend I heard someone describe the difference as trying to move 12 projects forward at once versus trying to move two projects forward at once.

When you’re working on 12 projects you maybe take a step or two forward in each project every week, progress is pretty slow.

However, when you’re focusing on just two projects you can move them forward much faster, now you take a step or two forward in each project every day.

The picture I had in my mind was of spinning plates in the air. When you have a dozen plates spinning you’re adding momentum to one plate and keeping an eye on the ones that are starting to wobble so you can run over and take care of those next.

It quickly gets really tiring! You’re never able to fully focus on one plate at a time because you need to keep an eye on which ones are about to come crashing down.

However, when you have just two plates spinning, you can add momentum to one and not worry about the other one for a bit. You’re able to fully focus on one plate.

When you’re able to have that full focus on one thing, you start making significant progress.

What would your business look like if you made significant progress?

Would you be making more money? Helping more people? Have more free time? Spending more time with your family?

Tell me, what would significant progress look like in your business and what gets in the way?

photo credit: Jameson42 via photopin cc