Missed opportunities

Woman thinking: Were there any missed opportunities here?A couple of weeks ago I shared a story about a woman attending a new networking group, it not being quite what she expected and her leaving. You can read it here.

This week let’s go over the third and last question: Were there any missed opportunities here?

Well, yes, yes there were! Many actually.

Let’s start with perhaps the less obvious missed opportunity. The one by the two women who regularly attend that group.

There was one thing that the person in charge could have done to more immediately make guests feel at ease: make sure the hostess knew they were there!

It’s a small thing, but it might have helped put their visitor a little more at ease.

The other missed opportunity was the conversation they all could have had if she stayed 15 to 30 minutes longer.

She shared about herself, her business, and that she was new to the area.

And she got to know a bit about the other women and their businesses.

But had she stayed longer she might have learned about the other groups in the area that she should check out – the ones where they regularly have a larger number of attendants.

She had already determined that the ladies there weren’t potential clients and from what they shared about their businesses that they weren’t potential referral partners either (this is a plus, because she clearly knows how to identify both!), however, she didn’t share who are great referral partners for her.

They might have been able to point her toward some really great connections and potentially introduced her – if they would have been given the opportunity.

So, there were some missed opportunities on both sides.

What are some of the opportunities that you realized you missed when you thought back on meetings or events? What did you do differently so you didn’t miss those opportunities again? Share in the comments below.