What internal places do you make decisions from every day?

Have you ever thought about how you make decisions?

Well, not the process you use to make decisions, but is there something special about decisions you make that you tend to stick with?

Why are there some decisions that are quickly abandoned and others that you half-heartedly move forward with? 

AND then there the ones that you stay committed to.

The ones that when you are deciding (consciously or not) whether to abandon or continue with, that you stick with.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. 

There is a decision or commitment that I feel like I should do. I should commit to it, tell a few key people about it, and get it done.

I’ve learned that I do pretty badly with should do‘s that aren’t also want to‘s.

And then there’s this other thing that comes into play that keeps popping up for me.

Something that I feel like is unique to me but maybe isn’t.

It feels like there are two places in me that make decisions.

One is the logical, determined side that says, THIS is the goal and HERE IS what we’re going to do to meet it.

It’s the part that wants to declare the commitment or goal loudly and move toward it.

And then there is the other place. 

It’s quiet and determined.

It’s the place where the work actually gets done.

And if this place in me is not fully on board with the commitment or goal (or whatever), then it’s just not going to happen.

It doesn’t require a grand announcement of the goal (in fact, it prefers if there’s not one). 

I’m working on honoring and recognizing that quiet and determined voice more.

When I do, then I can use that other side to create the plans.

Am I alone here or do you have these two places that make decisions too? (I’d love it if you’d share in the comments below!)

How do you describe them?