Is “being fair” holding you back?

Last week I was going through my blog archives and found this article on fairness and how it can negatively affect your business.

One of the first things we’re taught as kids in school is to patiently wait our turn.

It’s not a bad thing (or a good thing) it’s just something that we’re taught so that things flow more easily for all in certain situations where chaos might otherwise prevail.

The problem for our business can occur when we judge everything by how fair it is or isn’t.

It can lead to envy and resentment where we could be learning about ourselves or how to have a more successful business.

This week for Wednesday LIVE with Evie I’ll talk about this.

You’ll leave the LIVE:

  • knowing how fairness might be showing up in your business
  • understanding how fairness is holding you back from success
  • with questions to ask when you get caught up in the fairness of it all

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #77