Have you ever said to yourself, I’ll do that when this other thing happens?  I found myself doing that today.  I was thinking about the progress I’ve made since I was at a retreat 11 months ago and that I should share this with the retreat leader and thank her for her part, but I’ll do it after I’ve reached my goal of becoming a certified coach.

I know why I did that.  I want to know I’ve arrived somewhere and I can only do that by having something completed, or a big goal met.  That goal is about five months away.  Why should I wait five more months to thank this person?  Why is the progress I’ve already made not enough?

The person we’re hardest on sometimes is ourselves.  In my case, I want to make sure that I’ve really accomplished something, when I’ve really already accomplished a lot.  As for arriving, one of the definitions from Merriam-Webster is “to make an appearance”.  So, everyday I spend working toward my goal and not going into autopilot (which is so easy to do) is a day that I’ve arrived in my life.

I’m going to go write a thank you email now!