Are You Avoiding Change Without Realizing It?

Change Ahead SignLast week I would have confidently said: No! I’m not avoiding change; change is a wonderful and necessary thing!

This week my answer would be slightly different: No, I’m fully aware that I’m avoiding change and committed to changing that J

So, why the different answers? The change came from a meeting at church. Wow, that sounds kind of ominous, doesn’t it? It’s really not. I was thinking about a meeting/presentation that was coming later on Sunday about building renovations that will be coming in the next 2 to 5 years (it’s a process). I realized I’m quite comfortable with the building as it is – even though it has some problems and isn’t set up well in some situations. But I know where things are right now and that’s comforting.

Logically, these changes to our church building are a wonderful thing. The uncomfortableness of the waiting, meetings and eventual renovations will be well worth it in the end. But I’m not looking forward to the uncomfortableness that’s ahead. I like knowing where things are and what to expect.

But what on earth does this have to do with other aspects of my life?

Well, I’ve learned that this saying is generally true:

Who you’re being anywhere is who you’re being everywhere.

When I realized that part of me would rather stay comfortable at the cost of taking care of an aging building, I knew it was time for this question: Where else might this be showing up in my life?

And I found it was showing up in other places:

  • Personal
    Many, many times I’ve chosen to stay in my office, working (or watching TV or a movie on the weekends) rather than doing some sort of physical activity – staying comfortable instead of taking care of my physical body.
  • Business
    Anytime I decide to check Facebook or watch TV when I know I have work to do (basically anytime I procrastinate). I’m keeping myself exactly at the same place. Not because it’s a super great there or even especially comfortable (sometimes it’s not), but because I know exactly what to expect from myself and others here where I am. Stepping up will look and be different and that’s uncomfortable, because it’s unknown.

What I really want is the change to the building, my body and my business without all the uncomfortableness and unknown that comes with it. I want the change without the work, time and, in some cases, money.

Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better. – Sydney J. Harris

So, my questions for you to ponder are:

  1. Where are you not moving forward because the change is uncomfortable or unknown?
  2. What would your business and life look like if you moved forward anyway and embraced the change, uncomfortableness and unknown?
  3. What is one step you can take, one thing you can do in the next week that will move you forward and toward that change?
  4. What support systems can you put in place for yourself?

I’d love to support you however I can! So tell me, what can I do to support you?

Share how I can support you or how you answered any or all of the above questions in the comments below!

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