The gift and necessity of failure

Spring is definitely coming. And with it, you’ll probably start seeing more bicyclists.

Have you ever seen someone just learning to use a bike where their shoes clip in?

From what I understand, the benefit is it allows you to continue propelling the bike forward with the upward movement of your foot, as opposed to only the downward movement.

But you have to learn how to use that system. And you’ll fall a few times in the process.

And once you learn, in the spring when you pull your bike out again, you might have a short period where you have to relearn the system.

What happens if you don’t allow the “failure” of falling over? You don’t go anywhere on that bike.

Failure in your business is the same.

That failure allows you to move forward faster later.

I talked about this and other aspects of failure in this week’s Wednesday Live with Evie about the gift and necessity of failure, You can watch it below.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #15

What are your thoughts and feelings on failure?

Here’s a quick outline of what I shared:

  • How business is like riding a bike
  • What failure teaches us
  • Why failure is absolutely necessary

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The role of failure in business

I was reading through posts in various Facebook groups I belong to and start reading a longer post.

In the middle of it I see this statement, “People don’t fail, systems fail.”

I found myself smiling and saying aloud with love, “OH honey, I fail All The Time. It’s a good thing.”

I own my failures.

The times that I’ve failed have been incredible teachers to me.

Have my failures sometimes been a system failure (or lack of system)? Yes.

And I’ll still own them as MY failures.

Because they are.

The biggest problem I see (and have experienced) with failure is when we use it to beat ourselves up.

Let’s maybe stop doing that (yes, much easier said than done).

So, this week for Wednesday LIVE with Evie let’s talk about the gift and necessity of failure.

You can find that replay here.

What are your thoughts about failure? Do you think it’s necessary?
Comment below and let me know!