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What Would Make You Happy?

What would give you the most happiness right now? Is it something that you can do right now? Well, why aren’t you doing it? Is it something you can do later today? Yes? Then make plans to do it! Wait, you’re saying your day is filled – you simply don’t have time today, or even tomorrow to do it. Really? Are you sure? Are you putting yourself last on the priority list? Or is it something that you won’t be … Continue reading

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Is Your Path to Happiness Blocked?

A show I LOVED to watch in the 90’s was Daria. I re-watched it recently and was thinking about this exchange in the episode called “The Teachings of Don Jake.” (If you haven’t heard of Daria, or don’t remember this episode, that’s OK, it will make sense.) Daria and her father Jake are hiking down a trail and it splits into two paths. One path is blocked with a sign reading “DANGER! TRAIL WASHED OUT.” Jake – Look at that, … Continue reading

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I’m Only As Happy As I Decide To Be?

Happy Girl

“People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot the last two days. And I wonder: Do you agree with it? I go back and forth with it. I agree because we always have choices about how we feel and act in any situation. So, if you’ve made up your mind to be happy (or unhappy for that matter) you’re much more likely to have … Continue reading

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More on Happiness

I found three blog posts while writing the “Being Happy” series that I want to share with you: How to Save Yourself from Emotional Drowning – I know I really could have used this post when I was most unhappy.  Which suggestion is most useful to you right now? Ten Myths about Happiness — Which Do You Believe? – This is a list of posts.  It’s an interesting read.  I was surprised that “Doing Random Acts of Kindness’ Brings Happiness” … Continue reading

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Being Happy – The Conclusion

This post is the eighth and final part of a series on Being Happy. Links to the other posts in this series are at the end of the post. This marks the end of the “Being Happy” series.  So, now you have my six happiness suggestions.  In my post at the beginning of this series I mentioned that I was looking for someone to “tell me everything I needed to do in three easy steps to be happier.”  The six … Continue reading

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