TPNL Materials 2017

Below you’ll find the materials for the fieldwork (and the field work) of Take Your Productivity to a New Level: 4-week Productivity Mastery

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Week 1

Agenda – morning
Agenda – night owl
Weekly Task List Form

Here’s the fieldwork for the first week:
  • If you haven’t already watched the bonus video and done the “How to Choose Priorities When Everything is Important” assignment, complete that
  • Create your Planning Calendar
    • One way to do that is to:
      • Decide when your day starts and ends
      • When lunch is
      • Add everything that you do daily that you want on the calendar
      • Add everything that you do weekly to the calendar
        • Planning next week
        • Networking
        • Meetings
        • Client time
        • etc
  • Decide how you’re going to manage your Master, Weekly, and Daily list
  • Gather or purchase the materials for how you decided to manage your Master, Weekly, and Daily list
  • Take the tasks from “How to Choose Priorities When Everything is Important” and create your Master list (in whatever you going to use to manage that) with groupings that make sense to you
  • Create next week’s weekly list from your master list
  • Create Monday’s to-do list before Monday
  • Continue the week creating daily lists
Did you notice what I did up there?
I created a detailed task list for you 🙂

Week 2

Planning Monthly Calendar – TPNL 2017
Goal Setting – long form
Goal Setting – short form
Weekly Review

Here’s the fieldwork for the second week:
  • Before you start with the worksheets, answer these questions:
    1. What intentions or goals have you accomplished/achieved in the past?
    2. What motivated you to accomplish/achieve those things?
    3. Why was that intention/goal important to you?
    4. How might you apply that information to your current intention/goals?
  • Pick one of the goal setting worksheets and do it
  • Move your Project Goals and their tasks to your Master to-do list
  • Dedicate a page in one of your list notebooks to record your main intention and goals with the date you’ll accomplish them by or on.
  • Decide how you’ll track that intention and your goals
  • Implement your tracking
  • If you want to share your intention or goal, do so in our private Facebook group

Week 3

These are the questions to think about and answer this week for your fieldwork:
  • When do you have the most energy and attention?
  • What’s one thing you can do to improve your focus?
    • Pour your TEA wisely (time, energy, attention)
    • Know your most productive times of day and when is good for you to schedule what type of tasks
    • Get enough sleep
    • Use a timer (or the Pomodoro technique)
    • Take meaningful breaks
    • Visualize
    • Habits
    • Adjust your habits as needed (seasonally or all together)
    • Do you have enough down time? Self care!
    • Accountability buddy
    • Mastermind group
    • A coach
  • What tends to distract you?
  • What can you do to be less distracted?
  • What are your “go to” procrastination methods?
  • What can you do to procrastinate less?
  • (optional) What the video on Effective Procrastination:

Week 4

Energetic Self Perception Chart
Overwhelmed – what to do

One of the last topics we covered was finding/making for self-care and in the discussion after I stopped the recording Linda pointed out that if it’s really important to you, you’ll make the time for it. For example, if someone called you and said you won a million dollars, can you take 45-minutes out of your day to come and fill out the paperwork and collect your check, you’d make the time for it.

These are the questions to think about and answer this week for your fieldwork:

  • Notice when feeling overwhelmed and take a look at it
  • (optional) Complain less – notice when you want to complain. What are you complaining about? Is there something you can do (even small) to look at the situation differently?
  • (optional) What energy level do you think is your default? Which one do you want to be your default? What’s one small thing you can do to shift that default energy?
  • What is one thing that you will do this week that replenishes your energy (physical, mental or emotional)?