Planning Party



How did January go for you?


  • Did you finish that project you said you were *really* going to make time for?
  • Did you start that thing that you've been meaning to start?
  • Did you have the best of intentions in January, but well, things just didn't quite work out the way you anticipated?


Are you ready to stop that cycle of not having time, not getting around to it, and having the best of intentions that just don't work out?


This is why planning your month is so important.


When you take time to plan your month you can make your best intentions your reality.



Join me, Evie Burke, Wednesday, January 7 at 11am CT for the planning party.


In our 90-minutes together I'll walk you step-by-step through planning your February and you can ask whatever questions you have (I can help you with how you'll reach that goal too).


Reserve your spot for $17

Wondering who this Evie Burke person is?


Well, that's my picture to the right.


And my business is to help women entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping the people they serve, women just like you, take their productivity to a new level.


Goal setting is one of the foundations of being productive - when done right.


In my previous career, I was a computer programmer and project manager (I didn't manage people, I managed projects).


One of my gifts is the ability to break processes and projects down into steps that make sense and are managable.


I was the person my bosses liked to put in front of customers because I could explain the steps or process without overwhelming them.


Let me be your secret weapon to achieving your goals.